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ABM Management Services is a nationwide provider of medical billing services for private practices, hospitalists, and independent physicians. Our shared-risk pricing and personalized services are just two reasons why more doctors depend on ABM. If your Accounts Receivable over 90 days is above 5%, we can save you money. Calculate your potential increase in yearly revenue and contact us with questions!

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With ABM, the decision to hire a medical billing service for your practice is easy. Allow us to give you the peace of mind and quality time to dedicate to your patients while we handle the tedious financial details. We have been serving private practice physicians since 2002.


We reduce your overhead and administrative burden when we take over the time-consuming details of medical billing, credentialing, and claims processing. Our accounts receivables team becomes an extension of your practice, which includes certified coders and well-trained staff in multiple specialties.


Outsourcing your billing service is smart. Our proven process improves cash flow for doctors who hire ABM. Charges are posted and billed within 48 hours of receipt, and we collect on 100% of Medicare claims within 60 days and 97% of all other claims within 90 days.


ABM Management Services specializes in physicians billing, hospital billing, medical billing, collections, accounts receivable, insurance claims processing and coding for independent doctors, medical practices, urgent care centers, hospitals, outpatient surgery centers, physical therapy practices, pain management groups and other healthcare providers. Our medical billing specialists and medical coders serve practices nationwide. 

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