ABM Management Services


For over 15 years, ABM Management Services has been dedicated to meeting the billing and management needs of private practice physicians and hospitals throughout the United States. Specializing in time-consuming tasks like medical billing and collections, claims processing, and credentialing, ABM Management Services can help you save time, save money, and improve your cash flow. Our professional, dedicated staff works directly with private practices, hospitalists, and independent physicians nationwide to ensure your practice can stay focused on what matters most: your patients.

Our mission is to help you, the physician, keep more of what you earn.

Focusing on personal accountability, customer care, and quality, our experienced staff is here to assist your practice in all aspects of medical billing and collections. ABM Management Services diverse and professional staff of dedicated, qualified billing and management specialists works directly and thoroughly with your practice, ensuring our staffing and technology perfectly meets your needs.

ABM Management Services is proud to employ passionate and motivated employees with diverse backgrounds that are well-versed in medical terminology and claims processing. We’re proud that our average tenure for employees is 8.5 years, with an average of 10 years for our supervisor leadership team. Just as we strive to do for your practice, ABM Management Services maintains the integrity of our team with happy and motivated employees that always put your needs first.

Once you enlist ABM Management Services, one of our team members will always be available to speak with you and answer any questions. Contact us online or call our Phoenix, Arizona office at (602) 347-6620 to join forces with ABM Management Services today!

Our Services

ABM Management Services specializes in physicians billing, hospital billing, medical billing, collections, accounts receivable, insurance claims processing and coding for independent doctors, medical practices, urgent care centers, hospitals, outpatient surgery centers, physical therapy practices, pain management groups and other healthcare providers. Our medical billing specialists and medical coders serve practices nationwide.