Frequently Asked Questions

What is the advantage of outsourcing your billing and collections to ABM?

ABM Management Services is more efficient than in-house billing. A medical office needs 1.7 billers per provider for efficiency. That type of personnel adds costs such as space, salary, benefits, supplies, paid time off, sick leave, etc., significantly adding to your overhead. ABM becomes an extension of your office, and we provide training and support for your in-house staff. See more advantages.

Does ABM offer shared-risk pricing?

Yes, our risk-sharing model means we only profit when you profit. This is how you know that ABM Management Services is working hard to get you paid the full amount you deserve.

What is ABM’s policy on appealing denials?

ABM Management Services pursues 100% of denials. This does not include contractual write-offs or contracting issues.

How does ABM ensure timely filing?

Our system stamps every claim with proof of submission. ABM staff watches closely to ensure clean delivery the first time and follow-up for payment.

Can I have full access to my data?

Yes. ABM Management Services through web-based/cloud gives you full access to your financial data. This will allow you to monitor financial performance.

Are most services electronic?

If an insurance company accepts electronic claims, ABM Management Services will send them electronically.

What kind of results have the company’s clients experienced?

ABM Management Services has a great track record for maintaining a healthy A/R for our clients. A/R over 90 days in the range of 12-15% is considered “best practice” in the industry, but ABM keeps our clients well BELOW the best practice standard!

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Will I have a designated account representative?

Yes. ABM Management Services will appoint one point-of-contact who is familiar with your account and can answer questions and address concerns.

How can I add new providers to insurance plans?

To ensure smooth claims processing, we have credentialing experts who handle time-consuming tasks like adding new providers to an insurance carrier. Read about our credentialing services.

Are ABM representatives specifically trained on billing in specific areas of the medical field?

Yes. ABM staff members all have experience in multiple specialties of medicine. The more we know about how your practice runs, the better job we can do for you.

Can you provide references?

Sure! Check out our testimonials or call (602) 347-6620.