ABM Management Services offers a wide range of medical credentialing services for private practice physicians and hospitalist groups. We can take over the time-consuming task of credentialing for not only hospitals, but insurance plans as well.

Our experienced and dedicated credentialing staff has over 25 years of experience building relationships with many insurance providers, hospitals, and the CAQH (Council of Affordable Quality Healthcare).

We know the process and we know the contacts to ensure that applications are followed up on, accepted, and approved in a timely manner. With ABM Management Services as your partner, we can reduce or eliminate any time lost to “starting over” if the application is in limbo and/or expires prior to being reviewed.

We cater to medical practices nationwide who need help with credentialing, in addition to medical billing, claims processing, and other patient services.

It is easy to do business with us because we know your business, and we care. Call (602) 347-6620 today or contact us onlineto find out how you can save time and money with ABM!